Did you guys here about this? They renovated the Chanel boutique at the Bellagio and had a huge party for the new It-girls and then there was this Chanel exhibit unveiled at The Wynn. This exhibit looks so fun. I used to go to Las Vegas AT LEAST twice a year for the fashion trade shows (bleh). And one thing we used to do  as a tradition was buy something from the luxe boutiques. I remember running frantically from Hermès to Chanel to Gucci to Louis...I remember running in the Belagio because the shops were about to close. I'm sure the shop and the exhibit are awesome in person. Hopefully they're be there if I ever go back to Vegas again. Below is the Chanel Numéro Privés exhibit.

this is a Chanel arcade game where you can win cosmetics and jewelry!

more tuesday tailor ♥ ivana helsinki fall 2011

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