I don't know where Peter Jensen was going with this styling and collection...but, if anything, I think there's a TON of tongue and cheek going on. :) It's funny to see more or less...and there are a few nice little things tucked away in there and even some have those bunny ears we love from Mr. Jensen.♡

i love that sweater and the hat!

this is some crazy v. westwood styling! i love that sweater and will try to buy it when it comes out! it has all the peter jensen logo bunnies all over it!

there's something interesting and fresh about this shot.

hat and bag, please!

 (hi, leomie!)

great bag

i also love this look and the hat of course. or, is that a hat?

more coverage later today!!!

more tuesday tailor ♥ charles anastase fall 2011

images from style.com

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