On a side note, I am probably not always going to write out MAKEUP MONDAY or TUESDAY TAILOR anymore. I think it's getting redundant and looking a bit...dunno...un-fresh. I'll just do the abbreviation and then I might quit altogether. ALSO, sorry for the late posts but things are a bit busy with the book stuff and I get kind of burnt out on the computer. But rest assured, I will still post...even if it's later in the day...

I have a couple of posts today and a few exciting posts coming up that are not fashion week related. Though...I can't wait for Paris. I still think the majority of the really GRAND shows and collections are during Paris Fashion Week. I'm just say-in'. 

First, I wanted to do something on the makeup at Gucci Fall 2012/2013 because it was the reason why the show looked really good. I wasn't overly thrilled with the entire collection. But it was still pretty. But the makeup and the hair...were amazing. It was a bare brow (bleached brow or a "cam abru" as I wrote about here) and a wine/berry stained lip. I used to rock this look, the make up, a lot when I lived in New York. I think I wrote about it here a long time ago...how a stylist friend once asked me, "It looks good...but why do you bleach your eyebrows? I'm curious..." My response must have been something about love for the Glam Rock era and Bowie and stuff like that. These days I really love a full darker brow. So we'll see. 

so pretty.

Make up was overseen by the amazing PAT MCGRATH and the hairstylist in charge was LUIGI MURENU. They made this collection look way hotter than it already was.

These schoolgirl hairstyles are so pretty here...esp for a Gucci show. I love that juxtaposition of a high end fashion girl who likes the simple girly things in life like a simple hairdo. I had that hair...when I was around 8 or 9. But I think it works so well here and I've already started to see it on TV people.♡

i'm thinking of going a bit more this color...
and eventually ending up at this color...which i haven't done in 15 years...

more mm ♥ topshop's unique

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