Trip out. This was really interesting when I fell upon it. The new FALL WINTER 2012/13 collection from SISTER BY SIBLING...a trio consisting of Cozette McCreery, Sid Bryan, and Joe Bates who did some pretty crazy things with this teeny tiny collection. But I like it. It reminds me of 80s London punk pop new wave things. Piece by piece, there are a few pieces I love love...like those mouse skull prints in hot pink. A little JCDC. But it's still cool. I used to always wear this day-glo green scarf with a giant hot pink skull screened in black and a giant bow on its head during the winter days in New York and everyone used to stop me and ask me where I got my one-off scarf. It was made by Jared Gold. I this collection reminds me of that scarf. This stuff will be HUGE in the Asian markets, esp Japan. (They actually have some gorgeous sweaters...you can see them on their site here.)♡

i love the sweater dress um thing. and that bag is craaaazy.

i can't tell. is that a scarf of a sweater with that skull on it? i like it.

i love that sweater.

i love all that glitter.

more wednesday bag ♥ stella bags and dots

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