I can't believe that thus far I have never done a post on one of my favorite Youtubers...VEGAN BLACK METAL CHEF! Yes, I've been a vegetarian since I was 12 and, after living in Portland, Oregon for 3 years, I really got into vegan everything as it's sooo easy to get good food there...everywhere...including baked goods (like an amazing stacked vegan oatmeal cake at New Seasons market). Though I haven't gone fully vegan (that takes work), I do try to stay in that world a little more. These recipes are so delicious and real...(he even has a holiday feast video), all the music is original, and although it's entertaining and funny at how over the top everything is....it's done impeccably. I'm going to hit him up and see if he will allow me to use some of his tunes for my novel coming out soon (!)...the secret release date is....APRIL 20TH, 2012! More on that very very soon.Vegan Black Metal Chef's Youtube channel here.

It's Super Bowl Sunday here in the States...and I HATE FOOTBALL. :)♡

more sunday matinee ♥ mcq pre-fall and winter

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