I'm not sure how I feel about these fashion videos promoting the Pre-Fall and Fall/Winter McQ collections. ( McQ , in case you don't know, is the diffusion line of Alexander McQueen.) I'm also surprised at how low the viewer count is...I like the styling and the way they are shot and maybe some of them are better than others. I had a little debate with a photog friend of mine about whether or not these were original or not. My main question was..."How many times have you actually watched these?" Still, they do fit in with Nancy Girl. And they are good for a couple of watches at least. A big improvement over all the other fashion vids that are out there. What do you think? (PS After watching all of them, and then going to the site and seeing how it ties in and looks great, I still don't think it's totally original...BUT I do agree that they did them/it right...the films/branding.  I liked them. A lot.)♡

12.16.2011 NOTE...since I posted these videos last year, they have removed them from the McQueen and the McQ sites...I don't know why. They are really pretty. I could only find two of them to replace the videos that were removed.

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