I stumbled on this new-to-me YouTube beauty vlogger by accident the other night. I didn't know what to think at first because the Duran Duran "Girls On Film" intro is a bit annoying...I don't think people need to do crazy things like that. But the actual vlogger (I can't think of her name) is a real model, looks like a model and her taste is really really lovely. Plus, it's nice to get the goods from the kids who live it every single day. I did used to get a lot of new info when I was editing/managing a magazine fashion shoot. This model looks nothing like me, but she does have a look that I do love. Her hair is nice, her eyes are way on the side of her head (kind of like Kate Moss) and she has a huge space in her front teeth, which I also love. It's that mystical creature look. But better than all, she just speaks to us like a normal girlfriend, with her hair a mess sometimes, and she does have really excellent taste in makeup and product. And, I do like the simple model-esque looks that she does with cosmetics. She's simple, but it's that look everyone loves. Listen, when you work in the industry, you feel no jealously or envy with the models. Or, because of the models. They're usually very sweet and usually look like your sister's 11-year-old friend. But they do have a lot of insight to make up as they have their faces done for their jobs. So check out A MODEL RECOMMENDS on YouTube. I'm pretty happy to have found her. And I like her dry humor, too. PS...I do have a TON of new product to review on here. But I'll wait until after the shows. Also, my review of  the fashions at the Oscars....BORING. :) ♡

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