It's been like for ev er since I looked at the show/runway collection images for New York Fashion Week and saw Norma Kamali among the bunch. I love that woman. I did a great long interview with her for Oyster magazine a few years ago...maybe 4 or 5...when I was still the US Editor. She is an amazing woman. And I love all the iconic and smart things she's done. Plus, she is always on her game and plays the game her own way. I'll think about publishing the interview on here. She allowed us to use her archive for a shoot to go along with the story and my dear stylist friend Masayo Kishi went nuts! :) She was one of my favorite interviews ever. Plus, she's still hot. (See recent video below.)

So here's some of the new Norma Kamali collection...mind you, she has so many divisions, I can't keep up. But if you go to her site, you'll be able to figure it out. And maybe if you're really lucky, I'll post pics of my Kamali collection on here. It's a doozy.♡

her tour de force...kickass swimwear for spring...only Norma Kamali!

images from vogue.it

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