YES YES....EVEN I'M SHOCKED THAT I'm doing a Friday Fancy post on the Isaac Mizrahi Fall 2011 collection. I mean, I just thought he was way way too far out there in sold out boring land. I don't know who he has working for him, but I LOVE what they're doing. This show was so cartoon. And fun. And future and frosting. With rainbow sprinkles. I see the reference to one of my favorite movies that I haven't done a Sunday Matinee post on yet. It's an older film with Shirley MacLaine called "What a Way to Go." And she looks amazing in it. I believe Edith Head did all the costumes for her in that film. The reference I'm making is that all of here poodles in the film match her outfits. In fact, everything matches her outfits. I don't want to say too much because I'll certainly do a full post on it in the near future. But I will put one or two pics from the film on here. 

I was, in a word, bored of New York Fashion Week. I mean, there were a couple of wow factors. But I'm really looking forward to the rest of the weeks in London, Paris and Milan. But have a look at Mr. Mizrahi's pieces. I would love any of these for myself or to use in a shoot. Pretty fun stuff. PS I do love the styling for this show...but any of these dresses would look great in real life on a smiling girl with tussled longer hair, maiden style.♡

shirley maclaine from "what a way to go"
i don't know what this is from, but it's a shot of doris day (whom i also love love) with pastel poodles.

i didn't really love this dress...but i wanted to include the shot so you can see the pink dress and poodle in the background. it looks great in this shot. even in the background.

more friday fancy ♥ la dolce vita

runway images from style.com
other images from some old file on my computer

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