I own maybe two pieces from Dolce & Gabbana. They have never been totally my thing. I think I sort of got bored of the same silhouettes they always put out. But my favorite piece that I own is the TIGHTEST black pencil skirt. It's very very Italian when I wear it. It almost looks Roger-Rabbit cartoonish. This new spring collection , however, had me on overload (I was already there from the Prada show stream...but this D&G collection sent me over the edge). It was just too too amazing and too too spring and too too me (which is all a good good thing). This collection, including the gorgeous shoes and sunglasses and big beach bags, will all sell out. The Italians so far are ruling it. Sorry, NY and London...Italy is on fire! All I kept thinking when I was looking at this collection was that I wish I was there and all I could hear in my head was "Marcello! Marcello!" (MAR-CHELL-O...as in Mastroianni)...but I can't remember which film the girl keeps saying that in... :) ♡

how cute is this entire number? the dress, shoes and apron!
love a good romper. especially in a city where it's normal to wear them in the hot summer time. (like NYC!)
MARCELLO! MARCELLO! I'm shopping at the farmer's market for tonight's picnic by the sea!
I've never seen shiny red romper shorts, but they look great here.
that red check number looks great from behind sans bra. perfect to wear it that way if you can get away with it.
amazing and gorgeous for summer
equally amazing and gorgeous for summertime. she did it AGAIN!
a spring time Wellington-espadrille? still looks great with the styling. you can look chic while you're tending your garden.
 amazing shades. i think these are my favorite so far.
It would have been really cute/perfect if the girls were pushing vintage Graziella bikes like this one. And had their bags and flowers and street market goods in the basket.

more friday fancy ♥ ysl paperdoll pendants

all images from style.com

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