I've never really have been a fan of Jeremy Scott. I liked some of his early stuff...especially the mermaids with those cute high-collared bathing suits. But I've been to his shows and even left some of his shows early (one where it was supposed to be red carpet awards theme or something...it was so boring that I left early) mainly because they're usually totally ghetto-fied with bandannas and heavy chains or they're full of mullets and dream catchers. I have to admit, though, that every once in a while, there's a collab' he's done like the Linda Farrow sunglasses or a sweater in his collection with a good cartoon will win me over. Though I didn't really like most of the collection for Spring 2011 (and when do you ever hear me say things like that on here?) and I didn't like the styling or the casting, I did like the hooves in this collection. Though I think they would have showcased better with cute girls in storybook brown/plain dolly dresses...maybe it's cliché, but it would have looked so amazing with the hoof boots. Especially the red zebra-esque pair. I love these. I've also included some pics of a couple of interesting pieces. ♡

these look pretty neat close up. i'd love to use them in a shoot.
these look so fantastic fantasy...red zebra hoof boots!
kind of cool in black. dunno...there's something about them.
these look pretty strange with a meat skirt.
a little UNDERCOVER bite with the shopping bag?
maybe...i don't think anyone notices the hooves here.
i like the mens underwear and i like the top, sort of. but not the styling or casting. 
i like the ripped ticket dress. and the hoof boots, but not together. and the styling doesn't work. sorry. but it doesn't.
so did jeremy scott do GaGa's meat dress for the VMA's last week, too?
crushed cans dress. why? i don't know. i thought helmut lang did crushed beer can clothes years ago. i guess it's interesting.

more shoe me thursday ♥ candy flats

all images from style.com app


Searching for Style said...

Sorry I have to disagree, I don't like hooves and they creep the hell out of me.

montronix said...

you can disagree. that's hilarious, though. i think editorially, they're rad. i don't know if i would wear them. but they'd be great in a shoot.