Want a new bit to make yourself stand out? Why not a furry ferocious green monkey brooch?? ONLY from the genius that is Marjan Pejoski. You can find it and the rest on a really lovely site called Kokan Tozai. Have fun shopping! ♡

Marjan Pejoski white monkey brooch with Swarovski crystals and white rabbit fur

heart locket with secret storage..silver and crystals...and whatever else you store inside!
skulls and pearls necklace (dark fresh-water pearls)
green monkey brooch with green fox fur (yep! this is a piece fur sure!)
fist (or more like a hesher hand) necklace made of red coral
matching skull and pearl bracelet...if it's a gift, nice to get both i think...

more saturday shopping ♥ "green" bling

all images from kokan tozai

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