IT'S FASHION WEEK IN NYC! And it's nice to see some new blood and some new looks, too. I don't normally cover Zac Posen...I like most of his designs. I guess I'm over the hype maybe. Dunno. But there were a lot of looks and pieces I liked in the new diffusion collection,  Z Spoke by Zac Posen. But I am a bit confused. The pieces are nice...I love all the prints. I love some of the dresses. I love the accessories. But it does look a little mix of Miu Miu, some Marc, some Sonia and even a bit of McQ. I wonder if anyone will call him out for it. Because it's really obvious. Even if it is good looking. I especially love the peacock makeup...even if that looks a little confused, too. Most of the girls don 40's-esque 'do's while others are clearly in the 70's. It's a little all over the place, but the package looks pretty good. And, yes, a lot of those prints are awesome. ♡

looks especially gorgeous on this skin
so jerry hall/roxy music album cover

all images from style.com

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