I've been really busy lately, so I'm not getting to write how I'd want to about some of these products. I'm sorry. But that will change soon. Usually I have all my posts budgeted in advance....but it's been difficult to do that this week. Luckily I still have posts about products I'm really enthused about. Like these new supermarket/grocery shopping bags that aren't really supermarket shopping bags (they just look like it) by Jun Takahashi (brilliant) and his awesome line UNDERCOVER. He's an artist, conceptualizing and designing and I think sort of making social commentary as well as having a little laugh. His current concept is "less is more"... and with that Colette has his grocery shopping bags that come along with smaller cases/purses in the shapes of product you'd have bought from the grocery store. You can buy a set or you can just purchase a bag alone. And they cost a pretty penny, too!  (The sets are about 420 Euros, and the single bags are around 100 Euros.) Have a look! ♡


all images from Colette

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