So far, most of what I've seen in the womens collections has been either conservative or safe. Or confused. It's really strange. And a lot of the collections I've been checking out also look like resort...which also confuses me. Didn't we already have resort collection week? But it's still really early in the game and I'm not saying I'm disappointed or anything. But so far the one collection that stands out a lot to me (aside from the boys) is STÆRK. A capsule collection by Camilla Stærk with interesting pieces that I could actually see a lot of my friends wearing.♡

love love this entire outfit. i can totally see myself in it and i see a lot of fast fashion copying this straight up!
so 20s/30s...but modernized. it's really a cute piece and would look awesome on a lot of girls.
a little too pulled up, but such a sweet suit for the pool or inside a skirt or some high-waisted denim bells.
i love the butterfly/kimono top. and i love the skirt. but not together at the same time.
notice the embossed faux croc pattern...this piece is amazing.
a really good look and good individual pieces...and i also like how not too much else is going on (like accessories)
could be a really good/interesting spring dress for dinner or just for the beach...right?

picture of designer Camilla Stærk (isn't she lovely?)

all collection images from style.com yo
picture of camilla staerk from myfashionlife.com

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