Who is Francesco Scognamiglio? Some of you might really know. And others might not even give his show a glance because you're only used to hearing about  Versace, Gucci, Pucci, Prada, etc and maybe  not Scognamiglio. He's one of the great designers who's created crazy good plastic get-ups that Gaga has worn for some major events as well as in some of her videos. (Now I've got your attention...but  now you're thinking...WHICH outfits?) Well, Gaga dons some pretty interesting pieces by Scognamiglio in her controversial video "Alejandro" (see below). So of course a lot of people wanted to see this collection. And it didn't disappoint me at all. Francesco's new collection was fun to look at...I'm sure it was even more fantastic to see in person. I like that he's doing crazy things in elegant ways. I mean, frankly, we're more and more hungry for interesting eye candy, even if we aren't going to wear it. Not everyone can design gorgeous simple like Phoebe Philo, even if they try. It's lovely to see new creative vision on the Milan catwalks. I love love it. So inspiring. Have a look and see.♡

GaGa in Scognamiglio for the 2010 Brit  Awards with Scognamiglio ilustration
Scognamiglio design for Gaga's  Elton John Ball outfit
and the real deal. what a fantastic glamrock piece. lucky bitch. :)

gorgggggeeeeous new take on le smoking! LOVE it!
amazing and gorgeous...i thought he also did Gaga's dress for Telephone and Bad Romance...but maybe I am wrong.
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! i mean, i LOVE it.Who else is doing stuff like this???
another amazing gorgeous piece.
this is so so so amazing and chic. like a dream.
this looks really french to me. it's amazing.
i love a 60s take on a dress any day. i esp love that bow.
i think i have a dress from the 60s that looks a lot like this, but this is so much more modern.
hello rockstar...i love this so much. i only do not like that we can see her bits. that's just wrong. 

more girl friday ♥ devon aoki meow kitty

images from style.com
Gaga images from gagafashionland.com


IMaiorano said...

adoreeeeeee ... also gabriele colangelo is really cool
happy we!!!!

montronix said...

yes yes. thanks for your comment! i loved/adored this collection, too! xmt