Just a quick neat break from fash-ion. I'll probably add something tomorrow video-related to the collections. But I thought this video was pretty neat and cool and interestingly done. And there's a lot of fashion in it. There are a lot of fashion films these days...but most of them just have someone walking around in a dress. People need to do more...do more concepts this way. So...hope you enjoy Parenthetical Girls "Young Throats" video. He has a really interesting voice. I think a lot of people aim to do an 80s-ish thing and it doesn't work. But I think this works really well. You can get more info here on the album and group. PS I have no idea where the days went. I only just realized it's going to be Sunday. SO I have missed a day. Because I did my Saturday post today instead of on Friday! Must have been caught up in the shows...??? (I just went through the posts, and I guess I should have called Jil Sander post a Sunday post...and the previous post was a Friday post and it should have been Saturday's post. So I have fixed everything. Phew!) ♡

Parenthetical Girls
the new record with a gorgeous cover.

more sunday matinee ♥ vidal sassoon movie

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