This is a new fashion film from Loden Dager featuring a track by Panda Bear of Animal Collective. Loden Dager is designed by Paul Marlow (LOVE him!) and Oliver Helden (love him and alex and matthew, too), who both came from Marc Jacobs. Though this film isn't for the new Spring 2011 Collection, it is new. I have a few pics of the LD SS 2011 Collection below. I tend to love the fall collections a bit more only because there are a lot of good sweaters and other pieces that girls can buy in x-small and wear. Loden Dager has dipped its toes into womenswear once or twice, though. I hope they get into it on a regular basis. I also loved the capsule collection they did with Uniqlo a couple of years ago. I'll be interviewing Paul Marlow on here as soon as I lock him down. He is amazing. There's some top secret girls clothing project he's going to tell me about! Loden Dager is so chic and has so many secret touches. I think of it as one of those labels that hot, stylee, in-the-know boys covet on the downlow.  Like Panda Bear (duh). I asked Paul if Panda Bear was in the above video (because he's talented but equally cute)...but I guess it makes sense he's not  (I heard he doesn't like publicity). He'd  look so cute in Loden Dager.♡

(post script: for the animal collective video below, i suggest headphones or turn up your speakers...before you listen.)

they do great casting...i usually crush out on one or two of the models. how cute is he?
just enough zippers
very yacht club to me. 80s style.

video courtesy of Loden Dager
images from style.com

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