Ok. I'm not going to say that the new Jil Sander collection was A) flattering (for anyone, pretty much due to proportions and what color was on the bottom vs. color on top and stripes and ruffles etc in strange places) and B) that too many people will love it. But I loved it anyway. Even though I know the only people who can pull off wearing these pieces are 6-foot 2-pound models who don't have a curve to their body. But if I was a tall flat string bean, I'd definitely wear some of these. It was definitely a candy store of color and that's good enough for me. But there was a feeling like this was Jil Sander (er, ahem, JS designer Raf Simons via the brand) saying F-you to the fashion industry...with all the big top tent outfits. It's Raf, but it was very odd at the same time. I guess we'll just wait to see what it really means.♡

there is something about this that i love, even though it would make anyone, even a skinny model, look huge.
i mean, i love the look...but how huge does she look?
i mainly love the black/navy handbag in this. i have a vintage one like it from the 60s that i adore. this outfit is doable.
um...i love the concept. but i can't actually see anyone wearing this out. but there is something about it that i love.
this shape looks fun. i'd love this in black. or navy. i love the orange on this gorgeous model's skin (yea to black models!)
see...i really really love this shape and the color. but then i look at it and i think, is this a big ol' bag of cotton candy? it could be really pretty if it hangs down a bit when you're not walking. you'd still have to be 10 feet tall, though.
same with this dress. there is something about it that i love. but where or how could i wear it??? also, notice how the same model has the exact same face in the pink dress pic above. sort of creepy.
this looks very fashion editor on a casual day. but it's still a bit odd. even though i love the styling.
more saturday show ♥ herchcovitch ss 2011

all images from style.com

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