Just a little update. Times have been hard on me right now. I don't feel too good. I haven't watched any of the shows. I don't feel like writing about fashion right now. I just have a lot going on and it will pass. But this is why I've been gone. I'll be back, and probably soon. Hopefully this week. I hope you are all enjoying the shows. Maybe you can tell me what you like?

In the meantime, you can also see some stuff I'm up to on the novel's tumblr page:
There are some new bits and bobs on there.

Have a lovely lovely week....! And I'll be back! xxxxxxxx



I have been so out of it lately. I don't know what's going on, but I haven't even been really interested in fashion week. I don't know if it's a good thing or a change thing or I've been really tired or what. I am excited for some book news that I will be sharing soon...but there is a book blog tour coming up in October, the ebooks are now available (esp for Kindle and IBooks) and there's a huge book club reviewing my book. Or discussing it. There are also lots of fun things coming up and exciting news. And a lot of guest posts and some fun news from creative people I know. I also went to Daiso Japan for the first time yesterday and it was so much fun. But I didn't feel like taking pictures. Maybe I'll do a blog post on what I picked up there. 

Anyway, I like this new Karen Walker show. I really love this designer and I like how she's ahead of the game...now that everyone has been walking around in tight little hotpants, the opposite look is about to be cool....a look I haven't seen since the early 1980's...that very very baggy Bag Lady Chic...they actually used to call it that! It's the only way it can go. When we get visually tired of looking at the same thing, the wave shifts and we always end up going somewhere that feels odd and looks weird and departed and that's why it looks fresh. The problem is I didn't pick a lot of those bag lady chic images...oops! You can see the entire show here.♥

i love that mix of salmons. i love those sneakers and that bag!

looks so so built by wendy. at least the top. but totally wearable. relaxed. love those shoes.

i love this. of course.

i love this look on this model.

more tuesday tailor ♥ marni winter sunglasses



OH YEA! I am pretty sure I didn't do a post on Amy Davis' latest blog entry titled EXTRA CREDIT...it's awesome because it's all about ACCESSORIES teamed with CONDIMENT RECIPES! GENIUS! 

Here is a sneak peek of only ONE of the looks...minus the accessories bit, which you will LOVE. The recipes are delicious and good for you, per usual, too!!!! 

one of the looks PRE-accessories

only ONE of the amazing condiment/side dish recipes! yummy!

GO HERE to see the post! And don't forget to subscribe to YUMMY DRESS!

Happy Friday! xxx♥

more friday ♥ see by chloe spring 2013



I do love love this video. Of course I love Marc Jacobs. I did try that foundation and I wasn't won over. But I am sure they will come out with more foundation soon. I love the lip color in Moody Margot. :) I do hope not all the models they use for Marc Beauty are 12. She is literally like 12 or 13. :/♥

more makeup ♥ charlotte tillbury makeup tutorial


Here is the follow-up guest blog post from KELLY TUNSTALL! For part one, go here. She was nice enough to take some shots and a video of the opening she and her artist/collaborator husband Ferris Plock had for their show in San Francisco. :) That was a mouthful.

Now here's Kelly's follow-up guest blog post....


We hung the show- which in this case meant that I arranged the pieces and John from FFDG, and my stalwart supporter for many years, hung them. Since I had Gus in a front pack, I also made our helper, Ryan, come and move things and do awesome hanging perfection stuff. (which i fully admit i cannot do) he helped a lot through my recent pregnancy, when I couldn't lift anything and Ferris and Brixton (our 3, now almost 4-year old) were out expending energy.
Anyhow, the show looked great and Ferris and I ate at farina pizzeria beforehand. we don't get out that much (even semi-alone) these days, so it was really nice.
IT was a perfect night for an opening. lots of friends, lots of visitors, and great tattoos. The Clement tattoo is from someone who was raised in our neighborhood, and this fabulous lady had all kinds of radness- the no way hand, and the sides of her neck were done with flowers for California and the other side for Minnesota (not shown).  

Fellow SF artists Brian Barneclo, David Choong Lee (with his lady Sori Kim), and Brett Amory swung through. Did I mention there was Tecate? there was.
I have painted our friend Mariah for both FFDG shows; she has amazing t-shirts that she's made over the years, so I asked her if she had one that tied into this show- last year I painted her "Bring me your finest meats and cheeses" and this year,"What a tangled web we weave".

Gus was with us all night- awake until 1- and we shut it down. Thanks for following along on our little adventure!


Thanks, Kelly, for being a guest blogger on Nancy Girl and sharing the pix from your SF show! xxx♥

more stuff here ♥ miu miu film "it's getting late"


I am so sorry but things are really busy thankfully and I am behind on my blogging! But but but...fashion week is upon us and I have to get a bunch of posts up soon...before the circus really begins (though it has)...

So I will start doing some posts, prob a couple at least today, to catch up. 

Thanks for sticking around. It's not always like this (as you can see from past years), but lately things are really moving along. I have a blog tour coming up for the release of ebook editions of my novel and a few interviews are coming up and I am also working on a new novel. I have also gone through some job interviews, have a new agent repping me as a photo art director...lots of stuff! I'm also figuring out where I want to live!!! And there is a heat wave! 

Stick around and see you soon. Hope all of you are super awesome! xxxx♥



Sorry it's been so quiet here this week. SOOOO much going on. And a little tired. I apologize. There are really so many amazing posts coming up. PLUS it's September...Fashion Week is upon us....very soon. I hope you had an awesome weekend. And you have the BEST WEEK EVER! This is a great documentary about perfume...which I am into. :)♥

more sunday matinee ♥ early 1970s fashion show