Has everyone seen this? If you watch Lisa Eldridge's YouTube channel, then you'll have heard her say that she is going to start a new little series where she has guest makeup artists come in, and they're all celebrity/high end fashion/superstar makeup artists that are reallly too busy to have a channel of their own (though Lisa Eldridge is certainly busy, seems she has the system worked out). I immediately wondered and hoped and prayed that Charlotte Tilbury would be one of the guests, because she is so amazing and generally does looks and colors that I fall in love with and want to painting my own face with. Her own style is hot, too, with her leopard prints and Freckletone lipstick and perfect black eyeliner...and that coif of red hair.  I have done a few posts on her work like the one of this Chloé show. So naturally I was floored when the very first makeup artist was her! She's redoing a French Vogue cover she did with Kate Moss. I hope she gets to do more than one tutorial. I guess she will also be launching her own makeup blog soonish. I'll keep you posted. I have another Charlotte Tilbury post to put up later today. :) (The shows have sort of started to bore me again, at least the last two days). ♡

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