Of course I'm going to say I loved the Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2013 show. Because I did and I do normally love all of the MJ shows. I loved the hair and the stripes and the dresses/suits toward the end of the show. Amazing. I like this Mod Mod Mod thing going on. He did Mod a long time ago, over 10 years ago, and I thought that collection was really too extreme to actually wear. But I thought this collection had some really key pieces that you could really wear forever. And I like that late 60s psychedelic vibe.♡

i love the jacket.

i just love this look. she looks like she walked out of Quadrophenia.

i love a mickey mouse sweater/sweatshirt and anyone who knows me, knows i have a couple real vintage ones.

i loved this entire outfit. loved it!

love this, too.

i love this top.

this is my favorite piece in the show. i will probably try to own this once it's in the stores.

this was one of my favorite psychedelic dresses.

this is such a 60s look. and i love it!

 i also really LOVE LOVE this dress!

more thursday show ♥ alberta ferretti spring 2012

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