I don't own one thing from Mulberry. I will never carry one of their bags, or I don't think I would (I'd much rather spend that cash on a bigger brand that's been around much longer). But I do like the brand and how tight they keep it together. I also like some of the clothes and some of the styling. I love the girly-ness, if you will. I really liked this show. I don't understand the leather track suit trend everyone is jumping on. First of all, leather is hard to wear, even if you're stick thin. But a leather track suit? It looks like a defect or a giant condom. I don't understand it at all. Other than that, I like a lot of the show pieces and like I said, the hair and makeup. And girl factor. I also love all those cherry-blossom style prints. The dogs which are always featured in the collections. And I love black and navy. One of my favorite combo of colors ever. ♡

nice color. but even if you're a stick, you're going to look strange in a leather track suit. very odd.

i love that sweater (is that a sweater?). love that.

more thursday show ♥ dolce and gabbana ss 2012

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