My good friend and old homie at this point has launched a project or line or whatever you want to call it because it only has two pieces (right now) which is special and niche and did I mention very special? It's called THE SLEEP SHIRT and I pre-ordered mine (a short one) a couple of months ago because a) people need to support their friends and b) it's AWESOME and I love fancy sleepwear like this. They come in a short length and an long length (which looks more mid-calf...not floor length) and only one size that is meant to be oversized, which is also appealing to me. Alex modeled it after a 19th-century piece of sleepwear she discovered in a London flea market. After much production work (pattern-making, sourcing, approving), it's ready to purchase, just in time for Fall. 

I am so excited to wear it. I ordered the shorter version for obvious reasons, though I might get the long one later on. They are also unisex if I failed to mention that. And The Sleep Shirt is very luxe, retailing at around $200. I personally love collections launched in this fashion: concise, thoroughly thought out and RICH. It's definitely not something everyone is going to be wearing. Oh yeah, it's made of cotton.

Alexandra comes from a long history in fashion and elite fashion-schooling, but also has a very popular style blog (that I have mentioned on here many times) called SEARCHING FOR STYLE

So check out the blog and check out THE SLEEP SHIRT. I'm excited for Alex and I love her vision, as always. Bra-vo! Can't wait to be in my new shirt in my new place on a cool Sunday morning, drinking my chai and reflecting on my new job!♡

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Searching for Style said...

Thanks Mandana, your Sleep Shirt is on its way to you!

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