I normally NEVER cover anything Alexander Wang. I couldn't really ever get into it. I guess if I was younger maybe. Or else, I always felt like I'd seen these things when Helmet Lang did them or especially Daryl K, who I've been a HUGE fan of since I was still a teenager. And I guess I'd need to be like 5-foot-10-inches tall with my same weight because then I'd be a pole and all of his designs would work perfectly. But can you see these looks on a petite curvy girl? Even a very thin one? I can't.  And, in all honesty...and this is going to sound bad sort of...the girls I have overheard telling someone that a piece of clothing they are being complimented on is Alexander Wang, well those aren't really the girls I'm interested in. I dunno. Maybe it's just my luck.

BUT...I have to say, the Spring Summer 2013 show was pretty nice. And the collection is really nice (even though I still can't see myself in this stuff...this isn't for girls with any kind of chesty-ness). I don't know about the boots really. And someone made a comment under this video asking "why the shorts make the models look like they stuffed their underwear?"....

BUT the collections is still nice. The show is nicely done. I decided not to show the stills because it's much better to just watch the actual show. And, I lied. I did really like that Alexander Wang bag that looked like a doctor's bag with studs on the bottom. But everyone on the planet had it or its knock off, so I never got it. Enough rambling from me! Just watch the show below.♡

more saturday show ♥ geisha fashion shoot

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