This video shows Biba founder/designer Barbara Hulanicki as she returns to Brighton for the BIBA AND BEYOND EXHIBIT. I cannot wait to have an opportunity to work with her. I  love Biba (of course you already know that if you are a regular reader of my blog), but I especially love and want that Hulanicki Mascara that was apparently made for the show. Can you imagine if there was a Hulanicki cosmetics counter?! Below are some of the pieces in the exhibit. Love her. Genius. Geeeeenius! 

This fake fur coat was made in numerous other fabrics including printed striped fabrics and plain cottons. Fake fur was a popular choice for Biba coats and jackets in the late 1960s and early 1970s and most prominently used as a fake leopard skin. 
coat c. 1970

A brushed cotton fabric has been printed in an art deco print for this dress. Art Deco would influence the later part of Barbara Hulanicki's designs for Biba. This would also appear in the refurbishment of the art deco department store "Derry & Toms" on Kensington High Street which would become the final Biba shop.
dress c. 1970

The print of this dress is known as the banana print. It first featured on Biba wallpapers which was sold in the Kensington High Street shop (1969-1973). The print has since become a Barbara Hulanicki classic and was featured in 2006 on wallpaper for Habitat.
dress c. 1970

Trouser suits were designed and sold throughout the life of Barbara Hulanicki's Biba label. They were sold in 1964 when the label was still a postal boutique company (mail order catalog) right through to last Biba shop, BIG BIBA.
trouser suit c. 1971

To complement Barbara Hulanicki's own clothing name label in the 1980s, she produced a make-up range. This was sold in her shops and nationwide through small, independent shops and outlets. (Look at that packaging! Hulanicki is truly a master of design.)
Hulanicki makeup c. 1985 (I was alive!!! I could have bought these if I was older then!! Bummer!)

This style of dress was modeled by 14-year-old Judi Bowker,  featured in the The Telegraph in 1969. This cotton lace dress was bought by Margaret Howe and worn as her wedding dress.  

dress c. 1969
This jacket with its sharply defined shoulders is a typical Biba silhouette for the period around 1973. This jacket was worn with a skirt, reminiscent of women's suits of the 1940s, an era Barbara Hulanicki was particularly fond of. 
jacket c. 1973

Why doesn't anyone back a new Hulanicki line and reproduce these amazing pieces? Where are the venture capitalist or makeup moguls to re-introduce that amazing Hulanicki cosmetic range? These are the questions that keep me up at night. :) I would kill for these dresses and jackets. ♡

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images courtesy of the exhibit

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