I was speaking to good friend Walter Cessna (whose book will be coming out soon) about the New York shows as we both used to attend and Walter was heavily involved in the New York fashion scene for some time, so he knows a lot. But we've both lost our taste for that scene. He's the one I went to see a show with at 8am on a frosty New York morning that I mentioned a while ago. I just remember both of us saying something like, "What the hell are we doing here on such a cold morning?" So anyway, we were talking about the shows and more specifically Marc Jacobs' shows (both of them) and how amazed we were that they weren't...amazing. And both of us concluded that his head is probably too wrapped up in the Dior gig that he probably already has...that's like a dream job that probably one in a million will ever ever ever get close to. Plus the 10 million a year (dollars) isn't so bad an accomplishment, either. All of that got me to thinking about the old days when fashion shows were more simple and uber glamorous. Was it the shows? The times they were in? Or the clothes themselves that made them so? I don't know. But I wish we lived in those times when everyone loved to watch some nameless faces stand and pose like a picture in a magazine. And I'm including some vintage Dior when Monsieur Dior was running the house himself. I honestly think Dior will be as good as the Galliano version with Marc in charge, but it will be oh so different.♡

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