AND FASHION WEEK. SO FAR....it's been a YAWN. (Did you just yawn, too?) Super BORE. And one thing that came up during convo this week, too, was how annoying NYFW is in that they can't all get together and stream the shows ON ONE CHANNEL/SITE!!! I mean....GEEEEZ. How annoying to have to go here and there. There isn't even one cohesive place to see all the live stream schedules. NYFW seems to get worse and worse. It used to be the best, but I think they've lost that title clearly.

On another note, since I thought I was taking off today to go back to the city, I didn't have anything for today specifically and I was going to post this LANVIN 2012 CAMPAIGN video next week....but maybe it's just what we need. A few things...first, I think it's really fun. And it's primarily the editing that makes it so (just in case those of you aren't giving enough credit to editors....a good film editor is like a big block of GOLD!)...next....Karen Elson looks like she dropped another 10 pounds for this  or after her divorce! I didn't even know it was her at first. That and maybe some face things done? I heart her, but I couldn't even tell it was her! And lastly...which model dances the best? Ahem...not to be mean, but it's pretty funny when you look at Karen and then you look at Raquel Zimmerman (who also does not seem to age in the slightest...such a gorgeous girl)....because Raquel can shake it up.♡

more friday fancy ♥ cacharel gnomes

Oh wait..I lied...here's a list of dates and links for the New York Fashion Week Live Stream Guide!

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