I was going to do a favorites post today....but I'm too tired to do that right now as I hardly got any sleep because my little dog didn't feel well last night. But I'll start doing my monthly favorites on here. And this past month as I've been on this ranch in the middle of tumbleweeds and intense heat and chicken and peacock feathers all around, I haven't been wanting to use my fancy makeup...but I haven't gone makeup-less, either. I've been using all of my cheaper bits to do up my face and I actually love a few of them. I also got a try out a new foundation that's been in my makeup bag for a while now. And I actually love that, too. Very impressed. 

But back to the MANNEQUIN HANDS. I really love this look. And there are a few different shades of nail polish that work for this. A few months ago, I stumbled into a beauty supply shop that carries loads of OPI and other brands and, in a mad rush, asked the sales girl to give me her best nudes. I have been wearing the darker ones, but there was one she said is her "favorite nude when I want to wear a nude polish". I haven't really felt like trying it until recently...and wow...I as surprised at the results. My nails look like Barbie nails, if that makes sense. It's the perfect nude/plastic Barbie/mannequin shade ever ever ever! It's the perfect 60s fancy lady chic shade. What's the polish and the shade? It's OPI Nail Lacquer in the color Samoan Sand. See....the name doesn't really give you the impression it's going to look at all like mannequin nails, does it? BUT IT DOES IT DOES! And even better, it's one of the first nudes that actually looks pretty and stays clean and pretty on toes...even though I'm in sandals and flip flops on this ranch...my toes look clean and the color is there. Not faded or dim or dingy or dirty. Really in love with this color. And the mannequin nail look. Especially with a pointier oval nail (which I did have, but then they started to break, so they are short now until I get back to a city). This color is especially gorgeous if you're one of those girls who loves a natural look. This would also look good with a black French tip. Try it. That mannequin hands/plastic Barbie nail look is amazing.♡

this is not my hand. it's an image i found online. it is pretty good, but i think in real life the color is even more amazing. i promise it looks just like plastic barbie! but this image might help get an idea.

more makeup monday ♥ jemma kidd makeup school (blue shadow awesomeness)

image of hand from nailgalore.my

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