The Gucci Spring Summer 2012 collection is probably my most favorite in years of any collection. It's just too gorgeous for words. I hope everyone can see how much more sexy a flow-y 20s/30s dress can be compared to some tight chonchy expect-able look. Everything in this collection was amazing. I think it was better than Tom Ford's stuff, too. Sorry, but I do. It's been really interesting, though, to see how much Miuccia Prada's influence has taken over this season because of her amazing Prada show and silhouettes from last season. You're seeing loads of flapper-ish styles and 20s and 30s looks. Thank God.

This is a show post, but also a THURSDAY SHOE and WEDNESDAY BAG post all together.♡

Here are a couple of my favorite pieces and some other things...

one of my favorite dresses. this is so 20s/30s and so amazing. love love love love love love love.
another one of my favorite dresses. so amazing. just an amazing amazing look. i would kill for anything from this collection, but i esp love this piece and the dress above. she really outdid herself.
gold and black. amazing. watch the video.
gorgeous snake (?) detail bracelet! i have a vintage bracelet like this. i carry it around with me because i love it so much. look at the detail on the skirt, too. amazing.
ok...where do i start here? the bag? amazing. the ring??? so so so amazing. just a perfect detail to a perfect collection.
this bag style is a vintage 70s style. i have a few vintage designer bags this style, including an oleg cassini that i love. it's a rad, simple, timeless bag you can wear forever.
green python. speechless. love love.
patent croc. this looks like a gorgeous vintage bag.
probably my favorite bag. this is what i think of when i think of gucci. this kind of classic cool rockstar chicness. i was so sick of that hippy stuff.
dear santa...these will be knocked off. just watch. great great idea.
probably my favorite shoe of the collection and of the season so far. my mom had a pair of shoes this style she kept from the 70s. but i don't think it had a snake on it! i have to own these. they are amazing. this is totally my style and anyone who knows me and my taste knows that.

here is the vintage oleg cassini bag. not the same as the gucci fabulousness. but you can see the vintage style is the same.

more thursday shoe ♥ crazy tights

images from vogue.it

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