Yes, I'm doing another post on the Moschino Cheap and Chic Spring Summer 2012 collection because it had a lot of dresses and shoes that I would wear and it was fun and on top of all of that, I actually loved that bit of color on the eyes. I think that's totally doable and modern. It's very much like an easy version of the Bowie makeup I did the post on a long time ago (or even this dolly makeup post). Have a look, get some blue and get to it! (Or pink or purple or green or...).♡

I mean, this is like a 70s thing done p in a whole new way. I love the juxtaposition of the beginner blue shadow with the cute dresses. Who would have thought. I love it.
See...it's not too dramatic up close. If you keep the rest of the face subtle.
Up close models look like normal girls. Well, some of them. I love that shadow!
And here are the eyes with some of my favorite looks:
Um, like, of course I'd choose the strawberry dress and gold platforms. Love both and together.
Love the apples and the jewelry! The jewelry is good. And the shoes and the makeup.
Love it. All these apples remind me of Japanese fashion around the millenium.
This is a great length to shorten those loose dresses to. I love this dress and the shoes. And the eyes.
Not much makeup, but I love the strawberry skit and the top.
Love this outfit.
That is such a cute, very Japanese, trench. And I love love love those shoes!
Look at the jewelry, the ruffles and the eyes. It's like a normal outfit made young and fun. Love it.

more makeup monday ♥ 2010 fashion week faces

images from elle.com and style.it

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