I have been so so busy as of late, so I'm very sorry if these posts are going up a bit later than usual. I think my TUESDAY TAILOR post for tomo will actually go up on Wednesday along with the Wednesday post. Just so you know. But then after that I should be back on schedule.

I have so many things to post about make up, as I've purchased an entire new haul of bits here and there and would love to give you the low down when I have a minute. Also, the lovely Monique from Goddess.Huntress. will be doing the first of many (I hope) guest MAKEUP MONDAY posts very soon. As soon as she has time to finish it. But it's going to be fantastic.

This is a new video tutorial from the PIXIWOO girls on super dolly make up. And I love it. It reminds me a lot of Biba in the style of the shadow and the eyelashes. But I think it's even more like the Bowie make up I did a post about a while ago. It's actually very GYARU .

So have a watch...I hope you like it. I think it would make for excellent editorial or if you were going to a really good stylee party. And I'll be back soon! Thx for reading! ♡

more makeup monday ♥ perfection = cherry

mac image from pixiwoo.com

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