There are some exciting things happening over here that I'll announce when it's time...so I thought it was time to give Nancy Girl a newer look. I'm still playing with ideas and my flags will change up from time to time. But thanks for a really really lovely talented wonderful friend named Adele Mildred Pederson for drawing this lovely lovely lady for me way way back in the day when I was running my own Indie boutique agency, doing PR and repping fine and street artists. I used to use it whenever I needed to make an announcement. It was a fun way to send out a release. I haven't done anything with that side of my life in a long time as my writing was always my true love (and being a creative) and what I am really, more or less, known for. So she just sat in a folder for years. And I thought she'd look great on the blog. And Adele said YES OF COURSE! Adele has always also been a really driven creative and currently works alongside mad hatter Stephen Jones. Yes, THE Stephen Jones. Which is a good place for her because she's insanely talented! And gorgeous! And far away in London. :( So, hope you like it, thx for reading and thx to Adele for the lady addition to the Nancy Girl blog.♡

thx adele! i love you!

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