Girls and Boys...massive probably two-part posts on the Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 show will be up soon as there was just way way way too too much to run through in one shoe post. Fer real. THIS is what fashion shows are and should be about...this was so amazing in so many ways. And the clothes were INSANE. The SHOES! So if you haven't watched the full show, please do and check back shortly for the post(s) because I just couldn't cover one thing about this show alone. It was way beyond. (I'll also have something up about Meow Meow (Miu), too, as it was also lovely. Thx again for reading and see you very soon!


I loved this show. It was dramatic and funny and full of super model celebs and who could hate Kate Moss as a streetwalker at the end. Aside from the gorgeous set/tent and the wonderful lineup, it was the clothes and those SHOES that had me gagging in a good way. There was a lot more to cover, so I will in another post that will go up soonish. From the rubber platform Crayola colored Glam Rock boots to those amazing other boots to those other amazing pumps and Mary Janes...who could keep track??? It was a superb finally to an otherwise drama-filled Fashion Week. Here are some of the highlights...♡

amazing color for an amazing boot.
can you say Bowie?
these boots are so so amazing. i would LOVE to own these.
so cute...changes up the entire look.
i think these are the shoe to own...so 80s/90s...so LOGO!
insanity. i have to own these.
so so cute. so girly.
so cute. i have vintage like these.
amazing boots? can you tell whose legs those are? Kate Moss!

more shoe me thursday ♥ rocker girl

images from style.com

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