Hi again. Yes. Like I mentioned is previous post, there was just too much goodness in the Vuitton show to only cover it one shoe post. I mean, there was many good looks, I don't know if I'm even going to include the full looks in this or any post. So if you haven't seen the full collection,  please watch the Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2011 collection video...you won't get the full effect if you look at still shots of the models. Nope. No way. I will, however, show a lot of the goods and details here and I didn't and couldn't really take in whilst watching it. Though, one other good thing about this show were all the surprise rockstar models...so I will add that to this post if it doesn't get too long. 


The first thing I got was a flashback to 70s/80s/90s LV logo hysteria, especially knock-off hysteria of that past. LOVED those! The bag shapes looked like a ton of vintage LV. And then of course there were a million other details that I'll leave for the captions...onto the photos...I'll have to mention the stockings in the next LV post.

Wait...there are just way too many images and things to talk about. So I'll  be doing one more LV post.  I haven't had a chance to read or watch any interviews...so I don't know what Marc Jacobs is calling his inspiration for this collection...but to me it looks like Cuffed and Chained at the Masquerade. ? :) (PS Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble...I've just got a lot going on and I'm really tired.)♡

one hat on list. check!
that is one amazing look. that is one amazing hat.
a magnificent LV bag that looks totally vintage.
one little LV clutch that looks like my mother's 70s vintage. check!
i showed these in the previous post with the other shoes, but i had to show them again with the other logos.
more logo clutch heaven.
i just love this styling...look at the skirt of the dress with those shoes with that bag. not that you'd actually wear it. but it looks really good all together for a show or editorial.
cuffed again!
is this pic saucy or ? that bag is gorg'.
cuffed again....
ok...this looks is one of my entire favorites. just look at this pic with the hat and the masque and the jacket(?)...amazing.
and bag....insanity. the entire look including make up including the mix of color.
cute and cuffed in gold.
love this accessory. crazy masked hat. really a big mix of everything but tailored so well and styled to perfection. you can see some of the insane details in this photo that i'll be discussing in another post. 
can't forget the teddy bear bag.
more cuffs...
a really good fun...bag?
gorgeous green and gold.

more girl friday ♥ karen elson

images from style.com steel-ay

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