I think this was my most favorite, or one of my most favorite, Dries Van Noten collections. Maybe it was because part of this collection was inspired by Bowie and more than that, Ziggy Stardust. I remember when hardly anyone on the outer circles even knew of him and/or his design aesthetic. Or, possibly it might have been people weren't really all around ready for it? Anyway, I did love a lot of the pieces/looks in the Dries Van Noten Fall 2011 collection as well as the beauty. But most of my attention was on his booties. Especially the reptile skin booties. I love booties anyway, even though I haven't worn them in ages. These reminded me of a pair I wanted from Marc Jacobs over five years ago. But there was way more to choose from here. I know they'll sell out, so I hope I get a chance to land a pair. Even if it's just straight up black. Please keep in mind that some of the images are on here for the booty...not the body. ;)♡

python booty. nothng like a little python booty, ya know?
gorgeous everything...plus look at the booties...esp the brown!
awesome red booty
a crazy booty.
look at the bag! and the entire photo with the outfits is amazing.
gorgeous makeup that i do sometimes for events. esp the gold halo eyes.
there's something about this gold suit i love. and i love the model's look wearing it.

there's the man.

more shoe me thursday ♥ it's in the eyes

images from style.com yo

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