I read that this Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall collection for 2013 was inspired by the 1968 film THE BRIDE WORE BLACK. And the studio head over at LV said that they describe it as more "vampy". Yes. A little. It's obviously dark. But it's so so Mod and rich that I love it so much. What I love about Louis Vuitton is that you can obviously see how much the Asian and specifically the Japanese market loves this brand and shops this brand (which is exactly what Marc said during his recent interview online). It's obviously made for them more than anyone else in the world. And the Asian market and more so the Japanese are really daring and fun when it comes to fashion. So thank goodness we have a designer like Marc who doesn't dumb down the line just because it's a very old iconic stuffy (as in elitist) brand. I'm so so so sick of those anorexic blonde boring models with boring hair and no bodies trying to be sexy (ie Karlie Kloss). I like these funny girls. With their super Mod hairdos. I remember the Mod crews riding around on their scooters in LA when I was in junior high and they all had some sort of hair like that. And so did the boys.

sheer polka dot hose is one of my favorite things ever.

hello, japan!

i have the original of that bag. and i never use it because it's so stiff. :)

i love this story...it's like rich rich teen girls out like ladies doing lunch (which is i guess very gossip girl)

these must be part of the ski boutique collection! look at those sweater cardigans!!! everyone is going to want those!

i love love love the denim!! it's so 80s and so well done! i love it!

monogram-orama and those platforms are amazing, too!

i love this shot and the clothes and shoes and hair so much. if i was a pixie, i would do this look.

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Mayni said...

This collection is Gorgeous! i love it

montronix said...

me, too!!