I know I just did a post on a campaign, and a lot of you might have already seen this shoot on Fashion Gone Rogue. But I just love it. Most of the time I tend to think the FGR shoots are a bit amateur? Maybe that's not the right word. But you have to remember the publications I came from...Dazed, Tokion...and Oyster, which was the epitome of sexiness (thanks in a huge way to the then-editor-in-chief and my boss Brianna Ragel...I'll have to do a post on some of my favorite covers or shoots from the mag when I was an editor). I could see the below shoot, titled A NIGHT IN PARIS, in Oyster. I love the styling and I love that hair color (I am about 2 shades darker right now...but I wish I was that color right now!). If you want to see all the bits she's wearing, you can actually check that out here for fashion credits...the people credits will be below. (I'm also posting this as one of my New Year's goals is to get to Paris...for a long sojourn or to move permanently!)♡

that is just a hot shot...the outfit and the girl. and that bum!
Red Hearts Embroidered Bodysuit Zahia

that's a very laura stone pose and look. she looks fuller and taller in these two shots.
Black Embroidered Dress Valentino, Black Suede Stiletto with Ruffle Back Nicholas Kirkwood

Photographer: Pierre Dal Corso
Stylist: Sophie Clauzel
Makeup Artist: Julie Nozieres @ Walter Schupfer Paris
Hair Stylist: Mickael Jauneau @ Agence Aurelien Paris
Model: Anna Ewers @ Marilyn Agency Paris
Special thanks to Famille Fabiani

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