I haven't been able to see all the images for all the campaigns yet...they've only teased us with a few. But y'all know how much I love a good ad campaign. I have a lot of the old ones from W magazine when it looked like a newspaper tabloid and I even have some really old ones from when I was a kid. I used to always put them on my walls like posters, and I still have them folded up in boxes in my parents garage. I think my favorite ones are the 80s Versace ones with Linda and Christy and Naomi, etc. 

But I do think I'm going to be looking for the largest ones I can find from the Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 campaigns, because I love the models and I love the look and I loved those collections too much to say in words. I am dying for pieces from both collections (do I need to repeat for the 100th time how much I love the 60s?). And I'm really into that little girl looking model Ruby Jean Wilson. She is a great look...she is a great change from some of the watered-out boring girls who sex it up way too much for my liking. And rather than post the LV and MJ campaigns in separate posts, I thought it best to just mash them up into one.

an amazing shot of ruby jean wilson...the face of marc jacobs spring 2013 and included in louis vuitton spring 2013. i think this shot is actually from oyster magazine, which i worked for over 5 years. i love the makeup and look in this shot. gorgeous. and good for her. finally a new model with personality!

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