I am in love with so many pieces from the Giambattista Valli 2013 Couture show...And I especially love love the crowns, which I'll do a separate post for because they're so amazing! First of all, I always love what Valli does, but I see a lot of repetition (like Lanvin), so I don't cover it on the blog as much. That's not to say I don't think he's a genius. I always look for vintage and actually own a lot of vintage that looks like some of these dresses with the 3D floral detail. I really esp love the mini dresses, as they seem modern princess girl to me....they're gorrrgeous!

she looks so so chic and simple. but you could do so much with this. i mean, if you were a princess going to the market in our couture mini dress. :) she looks miserable. but i'd be smiling.

julia nobis needs to eat. but she looks like a rockstar in this. it's amazing.

this reminds me so much of YSL. i have a vintage YSL dress that has a print almost identical to this. just imagine a bow at the neck on here. total YSL.

one of my favorite princess looks! i would love to own the dress, shoes, crown!

i have a vintage wedding dress with floral detailing like this. not as much, though. this dress is made for a princess for sure.

oh i love this so much. the entire thing. so much i can't even put words to it...

same for this one. LOVING IT!

i mean...look at this!!!! it's gorgeous!

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