I guess I like this new Dior Spring 2013 Campaign. It's the first real real Raf-inspired campaign full force that I've noticed. It looks like him. But it also looks very Dior to me. There's something very black and white and powdery here to me, and that's a very Dior thing. When I started wearing expensive perfumes, probably in junior high, my first ones were Miss Dior and Diorissimo, which I think they don't make anymore...at least in the States (oh wait...they still do!). I don't know. Bit of a ramble. I guess check out this campaign and see if you like it yourself. It will probably look great in a giant magazine as  spread. But I don't think I like it more than the Louis Vuitton ads. (Or the Galliano-Dior ads.) Read more about it here.♡

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