This is the kind of promotion I LOVE. This is the kind of thing I tend to work on when I'm working with big brands at the big agencies...Louis Vuitton has opened what they call a "winter resort" in Gstaad, Switzerland! GENIUS. We're talking the Swiss Alps, luxury hotels, one of the best ski resorts in the world and a lot of skiers (and snowboarders and loungers and chalet owners) with a lot of cash to spend. If you've ever been to a nice resort or any ski resort, you know there is ALWAYS a tendency to shop! Even those hardcore ski rats will check out the shops to see what they can score there that they can't find back at home. Louis Vuitton already has a shop their, which opened in 2004. But this is a great idea. This boutique is right there on the snow, just like a luxury chalet and it's also designed to be like a chalet. You literally ski to the front door. I LOVE IT! More brands need to have more fun and do lots of promotions (not solely focus on digitally soul-less stuff) like this where people become a living part of the brand's life and experience. THAT'S what creates life-long devoted customers. Not Facebook. (I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the video below promoting/announcing the boutique.)♡

I wish that was my house. :)

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Anonymous said...

I love this vid!

I think the element of snow spy movie is very cool (pun intended). And the concept of racing/time is very Alice in Wonderland to me.

And, of course, it's slightly creepy (!) with the whole Doppelganger thing, which i always approved, lol.