THIS IS A REPOST FROM LAST SEASON/YEAR IN HONOR OF MICHELLE OBAMA'S CHOICE TO WEAR THOM BROWNE! WOOHOO!...I HAD TO re-post this and another post I did on Thom Browne and his clothing on WOMEN. All of a sudden, everyone is asking WHO IS THOM BROWNE because the amazing Michelle Obama wore his clothes today during the Inauguration ceremonies...and I was STOKED she did. Because he is amazing. And crazy fun, too. He's like our own McQueen in a way...you know what I'm saying...right? So if you have seen these already, revisit because they're from last year and the year before. BRAVO TO MICHELLE FOR WEARING THOM BROWNE (I HOPE HER DRESS FOR THE BALL IS BY HIM, TOO!) AND I'M STOKED I COVERED THOM BROWNE WAY BEFORE ALL THE HYPE HAPPENED. You heard it hear...first. xxxx

Here is the post from last season/year:

WHAT A SHOW! AGAIN! I love the Thom Browne fashion shows! I love his vision! I love his fun! I love his weirdness! It's like taking a sneak peek at what people will be dressing like in the year 2525! I mean, think about it. Fashion has been a lot of places. It HAS TO either get really REALLY REALLY weird or get REALLY REALLY REALLY minimal (which is also space age). Really interesting to think about. Clearly Thom Browne can see it in his Spring Summer 2013 collection. Just amazing. I wish he also did films because he'd kill it! I'll try to get the video of the show on here. I also want to say that there are at least two pieces I'd wear here on a regular basis. :) ♡

i love this little jacket. i would wear that jacket in a heartbeat.

i would also kill for this dress!!! it's so 20s!

thom browne in britches. :)

more tuesday tailor ♥ history of gucci 1994-2003

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