My how things have changed. I have been really missing New York City lately and all my dear amazing creative friends there...and the city streets itself. New York is everything you've ever heard about and much more. It is alive like a beast. I wrote two novels about it, a part 1 and a part 2, that I will have to edit in the near future and try to get out. I always refer to New York as a sleeping beast because you always feel like you're walking on top of it...the energy is palatable, if that makes sense. It's like living in a dream. So I was really excited to find this film which showcases a lot of the city from 1956, and I was kind of surprised to see just how old school it was back then. I lived in the Lower East Side and I wish there were those old Italian vendors and cheese shops there. Now, just a few years after I left, the Lower East Side is like a mall. Which is sad. Anyway...this film is awesome! Happy Sunday!

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