I was pretty shocked to wake up and see that John Galliano was in the news...and attached to Oscar de la Renta of all people. Though, feels like a very good match with the giant ballgown history they share. According to the New York Times, seems that Oscar wants to give Galliano an opportunity to come back by way of a residency in his studio. What I did not know was that the Oscar de la Renta brand is still privately owned (very nice to hear in this day and age when every major label is run by gigantic corporations who know nothing about fashion and just want to make money). I also read that Anna Wintour would back them both should there be any discord with this decision. 

Here's a quote from the NYT story:
Mr. de la Renta told the paper that he was not concerned about potential backlash. “I think John is doing all the right things,” he said. “Everyone in life deserves a second chance, especially someone as talented as John. I think life is about forgiving and helping people.”

I personally don't think Galliano is a racist. I think he was just being stupid and harassed as he was drunk. Which makes for terrible press. I feel so badly for him and I hope this gives him some hope and happiness. I do know a lot of people who have worked with him, at his side in fact, and no one has ever said one bad thing about him at all. Plus, he is a talent whom I think was pressured and broken as some other designers in the past (like dear McQueen) from the pressures of business assholes. 

I'm so excited to see what happens. It's also a great publicity move on Oscar's part. For both parties. 

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