I already did a post on the Giambattista Valli Couture 2013 show, but I wanted to do a special post on the crowns/head pieces the models were wearing because these pieces really added to the entire collection/look/feel/vibe. They're lovely and fantastical. The dresses would have looked totally different without these pieces. I'd love to find one of these as a trickle-down item or make one myself. Because they are gorgeous almost fashion fantasy princess pieces that would be so lovely to wear on your birthday or New Year's Eve or any special day you want to feel like the princess. I loved the belts and neck pieces, too...but not as much as those crowns. Not all. Click here to see more detail from the collection. (And if you know how to make a crown like this and decide to make one for me and send it to me, I will love you forever!)

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