WHAT DO I want to read soon? I mean, after I finish all the interactive goodies for my own novel's ebook and after I finish reading a couple of other books I have sitting by my bed (and A Casual Vacancy–J.K. Rowling–which I'm reading right now and actually loving...she is such a great writer...even for adults!). Sometimes I wish I had six arms and three heads so I could do everything I wanted at the same time. I've also decided to whip out ANOTHER novel (write it, that is) before I finish the new novel I've already started writing. OI VEY! 

I've been following the blog Paris Boutique Hotel for eons now...probably over 4 years. And one of the things I love is her selection of vintage and antique publications. It's always amazing to see the old/original covers. And though it's already sold, I would have loved to own this edition of CHRISTIAN AND I, an autobiography by Christian Dior. How fantastic! And look at the interior lining paper! It's gorgeous! You can def get the book here, but it won't have that cover or interior. But keep looking and you might get lucky and find it in a used bookstore (support those!). Happy searching!

i love the interior lining paper with all the CD labels!

more tuesday tailor ♥ maxime simoens spring 2012

images from paris boutique hotel

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