All I have to say, which is what I always say about Valentino is the I am devoted to the old, but I love love love the new direction, too. I would literally melt if I entered a room and saw a full rack of Valentino dresses, especially the long ones. I really want to have a lot of places to go where I would need to wear a dress like that...and often. :) That's one of my New Year's resolutions. :) I do have one vintage Valentino long dress that I have never worn and some other vintage gorgeous chiffon dresses that I haven't had a gala to go to or an awards show or...anything. But it would be nice if this resolution happened and I'd also get the rack of Valentino....see more Valentino Pre-Fall 2013.

this would be my every day run to the market and pick up the kids from school dress...if i had it. :)

very cute

i love this dress with those nude shoes. so girly.

in black. i actually own a very similar look in silk chiffon that a designer made specifically for me (though the designer wasn't from Valentino...but i love the dress just the same). mine has a peter pan collar so it looks more chanel when i wear it.

this is so pretty and 60s

read above about my love of all these long dresses

though i never buy new fur...i do buy vintage if i see it because there is no tic mark that says anything fur has sold. but this fur is very pretty. even though i wouldn't buy it.

more tuesday tuesday ♥ agnes b fall winter 2012

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