I really love the brand/diffusion line of Chloé SEE BY CHLOE. I don't know who is creative directing the brand or casting the models or styling the girls hair and makeup, but it's working really well for me. I know girls who look like this and dress like this and emote this kind of attitude. One girl who comes to mind has been featured on here. Petra Cortright. I did a bit on my favorite diptych by her...she's an Internet artist. There are outfits below from the collection that I've actually seen on her! : Here's the thing, she's like 6 feet tall and loooong. I am not. I'm like 5-foot-2 and curvy. If I could rock this look, I would. I might still try. Because that drape-y skirt with boots look is hot...and very 70s, too. I have a few 1940s dresses that are gorgeous and that look...and I would love to wear them with my vintage light brown suede Gucci boots. It would capture the vibe below perfectly. Hmmmm. The other things I love about this collection is that rust color, which is very very 70s Calvin Klein. I have a lot of vintage in this color, including a very loved (and very tiny...I can only wear them when I am at my skinniest) velvet high-waisted knickers (as in short pants). I also think See by Chloé is a good candidate for a cosmetic line. See more of the See collection here.

rust...one of my all-time favorite colors from the 1970s.

i love this slouchy "i'm a tall girl" look. these girls always look like they just woke up and walked out of the door. and it works.

i love this so much!

if you can rock this look, DO IT. short girls can't really.

i love that kind of skirt with that kind of boot.

a very artsy rich kind of stylee girl

i have a sweatshirt just like this. i think i've actually seen petra cortright dress this way and this model is her coloring. and it always looked great on her.

i love this weird salmon-y color. all together. and i love love that sweatshirt!

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