Iris Van Herpen is crazy good at what she does and I think she knows it. It's obviously very McQueen....at first notice. But the more you follow this talent, the more you see her in the pieces. I think the closest thing between her and McQueen is the immaculate craftsmanship. When I look at her pieces, I think more of Thierry Mulger..not the Mugler of today but the real Mugler when Thierry himself was designing it (those were the days). I especially thought that when I saw the Couture 2013 collection, and the smiling models. I dunno. I can see these back in the day on Nadja or Linda or Christy, too. (Sunday's post will be all about vintage amazing Thierry Mugler so you can drink your tea or coffee on Sunday morning and watch the Thierry Matinee!)

Also, as a teaser I want to mention that we have another post coming up next week from Masayo Kishi and a fashion shoot she did for a very big magazine with Iris Van Herpen pieces! It's amazing as always, so stay tuned for that!

look at that cheeky stoked grin on iris... :)

more saturday stuff nina ricci pre-fall

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